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  • Caring, Professional Team
  • Organically Grown Community
  • Real Investors - No Bots
  • Challenging Questions
  • Project Specific Questions
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Longterm Project Support

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Join our weekly community event where several communities gather,  collaborations happen, and prizes are given away! 

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Community Events

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AMA Packages & Services

Services Included with Every AMA


•  Announcement Poster pinned in chat 
•  Announcement Poster in Events Channel 
•  Multiple Twitter Posts 
•  Promote in our trusted partner groups 
•  VC timer set 


•  Professional Host 
•  Questions tailored to your        unique project 
•  Challenging questions, constructive criticism, basic consultation 
•  Real investors (no bots) 
•  New members in your TG 


•  Recording provided, pinned and posted in Archive 
•  Unlimited update posts after AMA 
•  Invitation for a discouted follow-up AMA 
•  Long-term relationship, future support 
•  Contacts for trusted AMA lounge partners 
•  AMA recording uploaded to our YouTube channel 


* All packages include AMA services listed above


- Project Introduction 
- Discussion / Q&A with host 
- Community Q&A 
- Giveaway



• 30 minutes  
• Pitch 
• Short Q&A     



•  1.5 hours 
•  Challenging questions and constructive criticism tailored to your unique project 



•  2-2.5 hour AMA / 2 Hosts 
•  Put your project under a microscope during the AMA 
•  Basic consultation during the AMA covering token distribution and basic presale math 
•  We will take a deep dive and identify potential problems or red flags to help prepare your project for long-term success.



•  1.5 - 2 hr AMA / 2 Hosts 
•  1 hour private consultation where the Ninja Lounge Team reviews every detail of your project. 
•  1 hour Practice Your Pitch Session live in Ninja Lounge to prepare you for your AMA presentation 

* All AMAs include services listed in the "AMA Services" column



Add 1.0 BNB 

• Add Buy Bot (1 Day) and 2 Pinned Posts to Any AMA Package



Add $250 Busd

•  Get deeply vetted by DefiSkeptic and receive a Skeptic Verified Badge 
•  Incredible price for the vetting service 
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Defi Skeptic Vetting Service 



Add  11.0 BNB 

•  Add BlockBlend's White Label Anonymous Cross-Chain Bridge Integration 
(Normal price - 12 BNB) 

* This discount is currently only available through Ninja Lounge  

Anonymous Bridge Platform



•  Stake your tokens with MiND Token
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MiND Token Staking Service 



•  Daily launch listing - 0.3 BNB 
•  1 Pinned Shill Post - 1.0 BNB  
•  Buy Bot (1 Day) - 1.0 BNB

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Ninja Lounge Reviews

Community - Education - Collaboration

Chris Esparza

CEO Vault Finance

Vault Finance’s experience at Ninja Lounge has been fantastic! Professional and kind team that has a great community of real investors behind them. They host a great AMA that teases out all the pertinent points of your project and challenges you to consider any weaknesses. Very reasonably priced and we got a great return on our initial investment. We strongly recommend ANY legitimate project to make Ninja Lounge one of their primary AMA sources to reach new and proven investors!


Balto Token

Working with the team at Ninja Lounge was seamless and very professional. We were fortunate to have two AMAs and both were great. Erion does a phenomenal job of asking proper questions and makes it easy to explain your project. JBee also does a fantastic job of keeping everything organized and in constant communication. I would highly recommend any project owner/developer to link up with these guys. The duck races are always a plus too!


Defi Kings

Defi Kings has had the pleasure of doing multiple AMAs with Ninja Lounge and has participated in their open mic nights. One of the things we really enjoy about Ninja Lounge is the engagement of their members and the preparation of their hosts. Their hosts spend the time to research the project so they can ask the right questions that will give their members the best perspective of the project.

They also ask the difficult questions that need to be asked to help validate a project and it's owners or devs. As investors ourselves, we appreciate more of the deep dive that Ninja Lounge offers when hosting a project because it goes beyond the hype or outward appearance, helping us understand if it's something worth investing in. As owners that fully believe in what we are doing, we welcome these kind of AMAs. Their members are equally engaging and aren't just there for a chance to win some tokens or BUSD. They seem to be authentically interested in learning to determine if the hosted project is something they should invest in. Overall, a great experience every time we are at Ninja Lounge.

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The Ninja Lounge was such an inviting and uplifting community. The NL hosts were attentive, fun, and really engaged the audience. The cost of the AMA was very reasonable. They had a fantastic turn-out in attendance and the AMA we had there was one our very best! We have been invited to post updates about our projects in their channel, which is great for keeping the connection with them alive. We look forward to returning and maintaining a relationship with this incredible community!


Revival of Avalanche

Hey. I am EGGRO, CCO and CM at Revival of Avalanche. We had AMA at Ninja Lounge and based on my personal opinion can honestly say that it was one of the best if not the best place where we had AMA till this date. What got stuck in my head the most is the thing that when you come to Ninja Lounge, they will not "pet" you and your project, but will try to get actual information to their community and get answers to all questions.

That I think is one of main reason why they have real an not botted community, because they care for them and tries to bring only legit projects to them. Also I really enjoyed how the conversation was going during AMA, and mostly that all the questions was not "template", but actually related to our project and space that we are trying to reach out. From the community aspect, as already mentioned, in my opinion, they have really strong and healthy community and that is one of most important things in any AMA group, because if you wanna grow and get more eyes on you you need real people with heads in the right place and Ninja Lounge has that as well. During AMA their community were really active and were bringing up questions and actually good once that later on helped us to improve our project even more. Overall I can honestly say that Ninja Lounge is the place that you need to try and in my opinion you will not regret that.

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Integrity Coin

Our AMA with Ninja Lounge is our most effective to date when looking at the amount of viewers translating to real telegram followers. The whole team were fantastic from start to finish and I would recommend anyone and everyone to hold an AMA with them.

Check out our Annoucement Channel for upcoming events. 

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Ninja Lounge AMA Group

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